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The Melissa Araujo brand incorporates a minimalist and modern approach with a muted palled in the designs. They are season-less, versatile and functional. MA does not follow trends and believes in individuality, keeping in mind both sleekness and comfort.



Channeling my inner minimalist with the LS Two Toned dress from Melissa’s Linear collection. The dress is more about visual minimalism and the shapes of curves and the attention to detail. Beautifully cut in a simple silhouette, this  monochromatic piece is an effortlessly chic wardrobe staple. I know everyone has their own opinion and ideas about what constitutes an essential minimal dress and to me this is it. I have an immense love of long sleeve dresses, this piece is so  comfortable no matter the weather the LS Two Toned dress is perfect for any season and occasion.

Melissa Araujo

Despite the delay on this post due to personal reasons, I’m extremely pleased to feature Melissa Araujo in the next couple of blog post!

Melissa Araujo is a Vancouver based minimal designer, she expresses herself through her fashion label melissa araujo. She displays an ability to combine structure and fluidity; and a liner quality that is clean, minimal and modern. Melissa consider the human body as an outlet. She is most inspired about architecture and geometric shapes. Melissa loves the thought that goes into creating a building – the angles, details and structures which translates into her clothing. She adds geometric shapes using linear lines and beautiful curves. Those inspirations were used for both her collection Slate and Linear.

IMG_3403 IMG_3417


Melissa Araujo Upside Down Shawl | Forever 21 Bustier | Forever 21 Midi Skirt | H&M Wide Brim Hat | Aldo Dewhirst Oxfords, Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady

Minimalism has stood the test of time and trend throughout fashion. I don’t consider my style as minimalist, but I do like to emulate the minimal look and make it my own. I’m wearing the Upside Down shawl from melissa araujo Slate collection. It can be worn two different ways, each version of this versatile piece is very different from the other. All the lines and details goes where it needs to go, whatever way you choose to wear it. Not only can you wear it two-ways, a lot of different looks can be created with the Upside down shawl; pair of jeans with basic top, prints and colours, LBD.., the choices are endless! This is truly a well thought out piece, I just can’t image how much time it took to draft and construct it, the photos do no justice to the details and lines.