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Zara Blanket Scarf | Zara Chelsea Boots | Forever 21 Satchel | Daniel Wellington Classic York | H&M Sweater | House of Harlow Cary Sunglasses | Forever 21 Dress

Today was sunny but it was rather cold and windy, luckily I was bundled up in one of my favourite blanket scarf that I got for Christmas last year. There’s just something about wearing an excessively oversized scarf that gives off such an effortless look. You can wear it in so many different ways – bundled, as a shawl, and wrapped around the neck. It’s such a versatile accessory!




Krista Norris Verna + Bonito scarves

IMG_3006 IMG_3012 IMG_3037 IMG_3043H&M Turtleneck Sweater | H&M Pleather Tights | Zara Tasseled Loafers | Michel Kors Selma Bag | Krista Norris Verna Scarf | Ray Ban Aviators

My casual weekend wear updated, with bold patterns for an eye catching look. All bundled up featuring another Krista Norris scarf in Verna, looped twice around the neck.